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Welcome to YourGreenDream.
A free source of information on how to create your own homemade projects on solar, hydro, wind, tidal, geothermal or other green power. The site is designed to help and inspire hobby or starters with good easy to understand basic information about solar, wind, hydro electricity generating projects. It also allows you to communicate with others who are doing them same thing so you can avoid making those mistakes others make. And once you have the energy the best ways to use and store that energy, with batteries, electrolysis (hydrogen) and great low consumption products.

Latest Feature: We have had a major upgrade to our news. Our green news is now one of the best around. It sources from over 40 places, many times a day to bring you a daily comprehensive overview of alternative energy news across the globe. You can also subscribe to the list to have it automatically sent to you daily or weekly.
And Some new projects so click in and check them out.
And we are upgrading our forum to add in some functionality.
New Green Energy Information: A great new set of instructions on how use and wire LED's. A great low consumption, homemade lighting for your solar system.
New Ideas section. Often people send in good ideas asking if I think they will work. I'm not expertso I have started to put them up here to get you opionions. So in this section we hope to store them all for others to try and improve upon.
Latest Green Innovation: Better Fuel Cells Using Bacteria
Latest Green Energy News: Not-So-Clean Energy Efforts In Italy Under Investigation
Latest Green Toy: geeky solar grasshopper Just got my cat this awesome little geeky solar grasshopper from Neat Geek and he goes crazy with it.
  Arduino Boards - From theLifeAutomatic here in Australia, To automate anything, to save or generate power and much more.

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