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Hydrogen Electrolyizer

Ok here is the basic plan / idea, remember that we haven't try this yet, it's just an idea.

Homemade hydrogen eletrolysis design plan

How it works.....

To start with, all the taps are off and the water tank is filled. Then we turn on the first tap next to the water tank, and the water flows out to fill the bottom tube and moves up the oxygen tube to reach the same height as the water in the water tank.
Homemade hydrogen eletrolysis design plan stage one

Homemade hydrogen eletrolysis design plan stage two
Then you turn the gas tap until water comes out, filling up gas tank with water. Once the water come out turn off the gas tap and the 'system should be ready. Now you plug in your terminals and the gas can start bubbling away. The oxygen will flow out of the system and the hydrogen will build up in the tank. When you turn the gas tap, the pressure of the water in the main tank pushes the gas out.

    Things to note:
  • U-bend to protect the tank from sediment flowing backwards.
  • Terminals on removable caps for maintenance and to change the terminals if needed.
  • Tap at end to flush out any sediment build up.
  • You may want a float switch on the gas tap to stop water flowing out if you use up all the gas.


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