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Creative Energy Sources

We have many great sources of renewable energy out there, the sun, the wind, tides, rivers, currents, rain fall etc. One of the things that may help turn the 'tide' on our energy problems is some creative sources of energy that people are coming up with. A few of these have crossed my desk recently and I was so impressed by them I wanted to see what other ideas are out there. What reliable, repeating changes of state or energy can we take advantage of?

  • Smart Footpaths - Each day you walk on the footpath, on those high traffic area like cities smart footpaths could reclaim some of the energy of people stepping off and on them.
  • Smart Shoes - To take Smart footpaths a step further, generate personal electricity by having these in your shoes
  • Blue Energy - Using osmosis generate potential energy. more info
  • Regenerative escalators/lifts - Why not take advantage of the down from escalators and lifts to generate some energy to help power the up.
  • Whats your idea?

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